Etix Bangkok #1

Design for scalability

Tier 3 Data Center offering 1U to Full Cabinets with fully redundant Power. Internet connectivity up to 100G with 24/7/365 escorted access with complete security monitoring.



1,000 racks​

4,000 kW of IT load​

of IT load​

11 Carriers​


Data Center Features

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  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Maintenance

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Etix Bangkok #1

Data Center Tier III certified by Uptime Institute, with 4 MW of IT power and more than 900 racks

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Available Carriers

These telecom operators have a physical POP inside Etix Bangkok #1 and they can provide fiber services (Dark and Lit), internet services (IP) and access to IPLC systems

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Etix Bangkok #1

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