Security Everywhere.

Secure the access to your highly sensitive data

Making sure that your data is very well protected on a 24/7 basis is Etix Everywhere commitment. For our clients, data is the source of their revenue, it has to be treated in consequence.


24/7 monitoring and security system to guarantee the highest protection standard.

No intrusion has ever been recorded in any of our data center since 2012.

0 intrusion

since 2012 in all our DC

5 layers

of security to access customer racks

ISO 27001

certification in all our sites

2 access

gates accessible by 2 diverse roads

Our security highlights

In order to guarantee any data breach, the first step is to make sure that unexpected people can access to the IT infrastructure of our clients.

ISO/CEI 27001
This international certification is certifying all Etix Everywhere data centers. This gives a full guarantee to any of our client to benefit from the highest level of security in any of our location.

0 intrusion since 2012

To guarantee a 100% secure access to our customers’ IT infrastructure, our data centers rely on extremely strict organization and protocols. From the design of the data center to the operating procedures, a whole set of techniques are put in place to guarantee that no intrusion will be possible within our data centers.

Our sustainable initiatives

As a member of the Climate Neutral Data Center Pact, Etix Everywhere is committed to reduce its carbon footprint.

Inert gases for fire suppression system
Inert gas suppression systems use argon and nitrogen gases and their mixtures as an extinguishing agent and are based in the principle of reducing the oxygen concentration inside the protected hazard. These gas are non-polluting gas and safe for the environment.
Usage of very low consumption lighting system
The adoption of LEDs in Etix Everywhere data centers in office rooms, corridors and outdoor lighting have lead to a massive drop on the watts per square foot in all of our sites without any impact on the security standard asking for a minimum of lumen per sqft.
Cooling gas respectful of Ozone layer
Etix Everywhere has baned any Ozon hurtfull refrigerant gas in any of its data center cooling system and replaced them with new generation ones known as Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerants such as R-32 and R-1234ze.
Create green spaces and support biodiversity
The design of our data centers takes into consideration the development of green spaces. The maintenance of these plots is done by considering the conservation of biodiversity with respectful maintenance techniques and favoring the development of certain species (ex: installation of bee hives)
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We combined every popular questions about our Data center cooling

A data center must guarantee 5 layers of physical security from entry into the site to access to the server hosted in a computer bay. In addition, it must be under 24/7 video surveillance and identify any intrusion with motion detectors inside and outside the building.

Securing end-user data takes place at several layers. The first layer is that of the physical infrastructure. Guaranteeing absolute security at the level of access to computer servers makes it possible to limit the risk of malicious acts that could occur via a direct and local connection to the hosted data.

The most important and recognized certification is the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. Some certifications may be requested for certain sectors of activity, such as the PCI DSS standard for the financial sector or HDS for the health.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you would simply like to find out more about ETIX Data Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us.