Our vision and philosophy.

World is evolving and moving fast!​

Data exchanges are expanding exponentially with the ever-increasing digitalization of all aspects of our personal, professional and consumer lives have been impacted: work, school, shopping, entertainment, socializing and professional services have migrated to digital platforms.​

Who we are

We at Etix are driven by curiosity, diversity, happiness, and innovation.

Etix Everywhere is a talent-oriented company. Our highly skilled teams build and operate smart scalable Data Centers. We are driven by curiosity, diversity, happiness, and innovation. Those cultural values follow us for every Data Center project we develop in Europe, Latin America, and tomorrow in other countries. We are looking for talented people who want to develop their expertise in one of the most promising economic sectors.

Edge Data Centers are a key component of tomorrow’s lives​

To reduce latency, avoid data congestion and enjoy their digital platform, data needs to be closer to the customer.​

Off-peak hours are becoming peak hours: edge computing play a key role in ensuring videoconferencing, video streaming and other online service performs as needed. Infrastructure teams responsible for making sure services stay online have been busy expanding bandwidth on their networks and in their data centers.​

Etix strategy​
Our aim is to bring the service close to the customer and not the customer to the service. In that way, we are developing a secure and interconnected data center platform close to the city center to offer our customer a global coverage with a wide range of IT added value services provided by our Partners.​

Proximity is not only a question of distance. In our digital world, people need more and more proximity with their supplier to enjoy a high-quality services. Our local team are close to our customers to offer them best-in-class support.​

Empower your data with green edge DC​
As a major player in the data center industry, we have a key role to play in making data green and achieve our goal to make our data centers carbon neutral by 2030 (commitment we took as part of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact). To reach that target, our technical teams are constantly working on the 3 following fields:​
1. To improve our PUE and WUE to have the most efficient facility possible as the most sustainable energy is the energy you don’t use.​
2. To feed our data center with green energy (wind, solar or biomass solutions).​
3. To recycle to the local community the heat generated by IT servers.​



Energy efficiency

Our electrical and mechanical infrastructures allow us to achieve best-in-class PUE.​


We always opt for low-carbon electricity. Where this electricity is non-existent, we deploy our own solar power plants.​

Water Conservation​

As water is a key resource, we use cooling design which doesn’t require water supply to operate.​


As all data centers produce heat from the use of IT servers. We are implementing heat recycling solutions.​

Internet Exchange
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Our core market is the small data center close to urban centres. We strive to bring the data closer to the end user.​


We are neutral from a telecom and IT standpoint. Our customers are free to use the supplier of their choice​

data center service proximity


We are present in the regions and in emerging countries where institutional data centers are not used to going.​


We design data centers allowing our customers to grow according to their needs. This helps to better predict future needs.​

“Data exchanges are expanding exponentially with the ever-increasing digitalization of all aspects of our lives. Since more than 10 years and our 1st investment in Europe, we deeply think edge data centers will be a key component of tomorrow’s lives. And I’m thrilled to see ETIX has been a pioneer in this market and is now the clear leader on the French regional market and is in a good position to expand fast his DC network in Europe and South-East-Asia. Our aim is to double our assets in the next 3 years with eco-friendly DC to reach our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030.”
Louis Blanchot
Group CEO ETIX Everywhere

Where to find our Data Centers

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