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ETIX is ready to support large or medium-sized companies from both the public and private sectors. We provide all our clients with solutions that meet their needs.

ETIX conducts an intensive policy whose aim is to be vendor-neutral and build relationships with the world’s leading technology partners.

Yes, ETIX is the owner of IT Infrastructure.

Once a day with the option for a higher frequency if required.

Yes, we can provide “remote hands” service on a 24/7 basis. Depending on location and agreement with clients, a team of engineers is are on-site at the facility or available to be on-site as needed. The scope of provided services depends on the agreement between client and ETIX.

Fulfillment of certain standards not only help us to provide customers with the best service, but also to ensure appropriate conditions of doing business for our customers. Some of the more common standards that ETIX Data Center complies with are as follow:

Only authorized personnel who have the appropriate credentials can access ETIX Data Centers. We can always provide you with list of our staff who have access to it.

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