A player in digital transformation, Iliane offers companies in the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Centre-Val de Loire regions comprehensive solutions for their information systems. With the expertise of 140 employees in 8 agencies, Iliane guarantees professionals responsiveness, proximity and advice. Today, Iliane offers the certification and expertise of the largest companies and the responsiveness of a Proximity Partner. In an increasingly complex “enterprise IT” world where return on investment, disaster recovery time and flexibility have become priorities, the Iliane Cloud is a real solution. Iliane’s Cloud solutions are best defined by cost reduction – pooling, discontinued investments, pay-per-use -, increased productivity and security, and optimal agility – rapid commissioning and on-demand evolution. Letting customers focus on their business, making IT a competitive advantage, a quality element and a source of differentiation is Iliane’s blueprint. Iliane is able to offer a range of services that are increasingly efficient and extensive at very competitive costs.
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